Workers’ Compensation

The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission oversees claims brought by workers who have been hurt on the job. Injured workers are entitled to three types of benefits:

1.  Medical Care: Workers’ Compensation pays for 100% of the medical care that injured workers need because of on-the-job injuries. This includes surgery, hospital stays, prescriptions, physical therapy, travel expenses, and any other care that an approved physician recommends the worker needs. These benefits are paid directly to the doctor.

2.  Weekly Paychecks: Workers’ Compensation pays workers a weekly check while they are under the doctor’s care and are temporarily unable to work. The amount of the check is 2/3 of the workers’ average weekly wage, usually about the same as the injured worker’s take-home pay. The injured worker does not have to pay state or federal taxes on these benefits.

3.  Permanent Disability (partial or total): After doctors have done all they can do to heal the injured worker, Workers’ Compensation pays workers for any permanent damage that an accident has caused. This can be a partial loss of use of a specific body part, a total loss of a specific body part, or the loss of the ability to earn wages. Permanent disability benefits are capped at 500 weeks of pay. However, if an injured worker suffers a brain injury or is paraplegic or quadriplegic as a result of the accident, they get benefits for life. The injured worker does not have to pay state or federal taxes on these benefits.

What you should do if you are injured on your job:

  • Immediately report the injury to your employer. Your employer should send you to an authorized medical facility for treatment.
  • After you have seen the doctor, call us at 864-295-0000 or click for a free case review.
  • If your employer refuses to provide medical care, call us immediately or click for a free case review.

Delay could cause you to lose your benefits and rights.