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How would a Pelzer, SC lawyer benefit you after an auto accident?

If you live in Pelzer, SC, and have been involved in a car accident, finding help during this time might be confusing. You may still be recovering from injuries you sustained and trying to handle the financial burdens that come from bills and not being able to work. This is the time to find a knowledgeable car accident lawyer to assist in helping with your auto accident claim and to at least relieve you of some of your challenges.

Why is it so valuable to find the assistance of an attorney to take you on as a client? Mainly, a knowledgeable lawyer has had previous encounters with similar cases, giving them firsthand experience in dealing with an auto accident claim. Not just anyone will know how to conduct themselves in court, when to documents need to filed, how to create a valid argument, work with the opposing counsel, and insurance companies, or the proper steps to take a case before a judge. When you hand over you case to an auto accident attorney, you save yourself a lot of headache, and improve the chances that your case will be successfully resolved.

What steps should you take if you’ve been in a Pelzer car accident?

When you have an accident in Pelzer, SC, your initial course of action should be to evaluate your condition. Call for emergency medical assistance if you have any life-threatening or severe wounds. Less than serious injuries can wait until later, but it is still wise to have another person drive you to the hospital. Even a minor accident can result in neck, spinal, back, and brain injury that will not be easily noticed.

If you have determined that your injuries are not too severe, move your vehicle off the road and away from any traffic. However, if you are unable to do so, leave it and move to a safer location, such as the shoulder of the road. Doing so will help avoid a second wreck from occurring. Now that you have found a safe area, you need to speak with the other driver and exchange information. Get their names, insurance information, and contact information. Once you have their information, find any witnesses who might have seen the accident occur and gather their contact information also. Any additional information that a third-party witness can provide will help to improve your case.

The information has been exchanged, now it is time to take down a few notes about the accident. Use your phone or pen and paper to take down any information that you might help your lawyer when handling your case. Some important things to note are when and where the accident occurred, note any specific details about the scene, who was involved, why it happened, how the vehicles are positioned, and what the damages occurred as a result. You may think that you won’t forget any details about your accident, but your memory of the event will undoubtedly fade.

Will pictures be valuable to my case?

Saying a picture is worth a thousand words would be correct. Simply describing the incident is far less effective than showing a visual image. Juries and insurance adjustors will be more apt to side with your case if you have pictures as evidence. Simply meaning, you have a much better chance of winning your case. Don’t worry too much about the quality of the pictures, just use your camera phone to take clear images of the scene of the wreck, any damages to the vehicles involved, and any injuries you have suffered.

Why do I need to get medical attention immediately?

You need to go to a doctor as soon as you can after your accident. Waiting only increases the possibility that your injuries will get worse. Also, it isn’t uncommon for insurance adjustors to use your procrastination against you. They may find ways to deny your claim by implying that your injuries were not as you claimed or that the injury in question came from a separate incident. When you get treatment early, you save yourself the physical pain of an injury and the headache of a denied insurance claim.

Injuries commonly associated with car collisions.

Being in a car accident can result in many types of injuries, ranging from severe to minor. Minor injuries are usually things like sprains, cuts, and bruises. More serious injuries maybe fractured bones, neck and back pain, muscle damage and minor brain injury. The most severe kinds are comas, permanent disability, paralysis, spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injury. Though, some are worse than others, any injury entitles you to some form of compensation.

Don’t accept the insurance company’s first offer.

Dealing with the insurance company of the driver responsible is a crucial aspect of any car accident that happens in South Carolina. A lawyer is usually prepared to take a case to court, but a settlement may be in the client best interest. This makes it important for the negotiations to be handled by a knowledgeable individual.

Negotiation tactics will change case to case, but generally one rule stays the same. That is to never accept the first offer from the insurance company. The insurance adjustors are trained negotiators and know that their first offer should be low. This is a technic that has been around for a long time. It is very rare for the first settlement offer to be in the best interest of the client.

Also, it is advised to hold off on accepting a settlement agreement until you are sure your medical conditions will not require further treatment. Once a settlement has been made, any medical expenses will not be able to be filed for compensation. That means those bills must be paid by the client.

I was partially responsible for my injuries. What happens now?

In Pelzer, SC, you may be found to be partially responsible for an auto accident in which you were involved. That doesn’t mean you won’t be eligible for an insurance claim. According to South Carolina’s modified comparative negligence law, as long as the plaintiff‘s responsibility is less than fifty percent, the plaintiff may still receive some of their insurance compensation minus the percentage that they were responsible. This means that if your portion of responsibility is half or less than that of the defendant, you will be entitled to a portion of your insurance claim. If for instance your brake lights aren’t working properly and a driver rear-ends you, you will be in part responsible. If the jury decides that you are only 10% responsible, 10% of your total claim will be deducted from what you receive.

Why is it important to take immediate action?

After you have been involved in an auto accident in Pelzer, it is necessary to hire a lawyer quickly. This is mainly because key pieces of evidence may disappear, witnesses may be harder to contact, or important reports and medical records may be deleted. By having an experienced car accident attorney take on your case early, they will be able to research your case and acquire the necessary evidence before it goes missing.

A key reason for not hesitating to file your case are statutes of limitations. These are legal limits that require a plaintiff to file their case within a particular time frame. This means that if a case is not filed before the statute of limitation expires, the case will be barred from court. Which means the victim loses the right to take any legal action against the driver responsible for the accident. There is a window of three years from the date of the accident that a plaintiff can take their case to court for personal injury and/or property damage. By not filing your case before the statute of limitation expires for you case, the judge given your case will dismiss your claim, leaving you unable to hold the defendant liable for any damages. Even in clear cut cases where the defendant is guilty, if the case has not been filed a judge will bar it permanently. So, contact the experienced team of car accident lawyers at Bryan Ramey & Associates to review your accident claim today.

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