Important Information About Greenville, South Carolina, Pedestrian Auto Accidents

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Some of the most serious, tragic, and destructive auto accidents in Greenville, South Carolina, are those that involve pedestrians. This is because pedestrians are entirely unprotected by the steel walls, seat belts, air bags, and other safety features that drivers and motor vehicle passengers have. Pedestrians are less likely to survive a collision and far […]

When Elderly Drivers Are No Longer Able to Safely Drive in Greenville, SC

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Nobody likes to think about the possibility that they have become unable to drive safely because of the process of aging or the ailments associated with this process. In many cases, people are able to safely drive well into their golden years, while others lose their ability to do so for a variety of different […]

Establishing the Value of Damages After an Auto Accident

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After an auto accident in Spartanburg, South Carolina, you are going to be dealing with a lot of different stresses and frequently overwhelming challenges, particularly when it comes to the injuries, property damage, and financial losses. You might be out of work because of your injuries. You might be out of a vehicle because of […]

Establishing Liability in a Greenville, SC Auto Accident

car wreck lawyer in Greenville SC

Depending on how your auto accident occurred in Greenville, South Carolina, establishing liability may the simplest part of your whole claim. There are cases where drunk drivers or aggressive drivers are clearly in the wrong in an auto accident case. There are cases where it is evident that one driver broke the rules of the […]

An Employer’s Liability When An Employee Causes a Car Accident In Greenville

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Car accidents happen daily on South Carolina roads caused by drivers who are driving as part of their job duties for an employer.  In situations where these drivers’ negligent actions cause accidents where people are injured, the people they injure may be left wondering where to turn for compensation for their injuries.  This is especially […]