What Can Be Compensated in a Greenville Or Spartanburg Car Wreck?

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Most people who are involved in a car accident caused by a negligent driver can expect to have their medical costs and the damage to their car covered by the negligent driver or his insurance company if he is covered.  If the car wreck is serious, the medical costs and damage to the car are […]

Statistics of South Carolina Auto Accidents Involving Motorcycles

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When South Carolina auto accidents involve motorcyclists, the results are often deadly. It is essential for drivers to make a point of being vigilant and aware of motorcyclists on the road, just as it is essential for motorcyclists to take the appropriate safety and precautionary measures to prevent these accidents and minimize the damage that […]

Types of Damages Awarded in South Carolina Auto Accident Claims

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In South Carolina auto accident claims, there are laws establishing that whomever causes an auto accident is economically responsible for the damages sustained by anyone who was injured or suffered property damage due to the collision. The person who caused the accident is the “at-fault driver” and owes compensation for the damages caused by their […]

How To Avoid Making Mistakes After A South Carolina Auto Accident

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Most people instinctively know what to do immediately after an auto accident. The very first responses are fairly automatic, such as assessing the state of your physical wellbeing and that of your passengers and other drivers and passengers who were involved in the accident. Then, it only makes sense to contact the police and exchange […]