Know Your Rights and Limitations After a Work Related Injury

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Workers’ compensation insurance is a requirement for all employers who regularly employ at least four workers. It was designed to ensure that any work related injuries are covered for the employee, and to protect the employers from lawsuits. However, there are some downsides for the employer, and potentially for the employee as well. When injuries […]

Does South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Cover Work-Related Auto Accidents?

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Generally, when you think of workers’ compensation claims, you don’t think of auto accidents; and when you think of auto accident claims, you don’t think of workers’ compensation. For the most part, these are two entirely separate forms of personal injury cases with different laws requiring different evidence to prove. Yet, sometimes the two types […]

Frequently Asked Questions About South Carolina Workers’ Compensation


Who Do I Report My Work-Related Injury To? It is important to report any work-related injuries within 90 days of the incident. You should report the injury to your employer, through your supervisor or manager. You should report the injury in writing and keep a copy that is properly dated and signed by the employer. […]

Seeking Workers’ Compensation for Repetitive Motion Injuries

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Can You Receive Compensation for Repetitive Motion Injuries in South Carolina? Many workers’ in South Carolina will experience a repetitive motion, repetitive trauma, or repetitive stress injury due to their regular work responsibilities. Yet, when they file for workers’ compensation coverage, they are surprised to find that the employer or the insurance company denies their […]

South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Process

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Workers’ compensation is a government program that allows employees to recover damages and some portion of lost wages when they are injured at work. There are many steps to the workers’ compensation process and employees who are seeking this compensation have options as to how they want to pursue their case. This article is an […]