Third Party Workers’ Compensation Claims In Greenville

workers' compensation claim attorney in Greenville South Carolina

Not every injury that is sustained in the course of a person’s employment has to be compensated only through workers’ compensation.   The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act is supposed to encourage faster and more efficient settlement of injury cases by not requiring an employee to prove the employer’s fault in causing an injury, but […]

When Your Loved One Is Harmed By Bed Rails In a Nursing Home

Greenville SC nursing home injury attorney

The vast majority of hospital and nursing home beds have metal bed rails attached them, intended to stop patients from rolling out of bed while sleeping. The patients at most risk of a fall from bed injury are the elderly and very young children. However, they can actually be more harmful than helpful if your […]

Denial of Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Lying on a Greenville or Spartanburg Employment Application

workers' compensation claim attorney in Spartanburg South Carolina

An employee who suffers a workplace injury that aggravates a pre-existing injury is still entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for the aggravation.  Neck and back injuries are common pre-existing conditions that can be aggravated depending on the employee’s job, however, medical conditions such as asthma can also be considered existing conditions that may be aggravated […]

Long Term Pain Management For Workers’ Compensation Injuries in South Carolina

workers' compensation claim attorney in Charlotte NC

There are a lot of different injuries that can occur in the course of your employment and that will involve long term pain and treatment for pain management. South Carolina workers’ compensation should cover your long term pain management treatment, in most cases, whether the pain is caused by tissue damage (nociceptive) or nerve damage […]

Tips for Passengers Involved in Auto Accidents

auto accident lawyer in Greenville SC

When you are a passenger in a vehicle that is involved in an auto accident in South Carolina, you can recover compensation from the insurance policy of the at-fault driver, even if the at-fault driver was the one in the vehicle that you were riding in. It can be especially frustrating to be a passenger […]