Important Information About Greenville, South Carolina, Pedestrian Auto Accidents

Important Information About Greenville, South Carolina, Pedestrian Auto Accidents

Some of the most serious, tragic, and destructive auto accidents in Greenville, South Carolina, are those that involve pedestrians. This is because pedestrians are entirely unprotected by the steel walls, seat belts, air bags, and other safety features that drivers and motor vehicle passengers have. Pedestrians are less likely to survive a collision and far more likely to end up with life altering injuries if they do. Common circumstances in pedestrian auto accidents include the pedestrian being struck and thrown a long distance, sliding on the pavement, being crushed under the tires or between vehicles, and even being dragged a significant distance by the vehicle that struck them before it is able to stop.

Because pedestrian auto accidents are so dangerous and deadly, it is essential for all Greenville, South Carolina, drivers to know how to respond to such incidents and how to prevent them from occurring in the first place. It is also important for pedestrians to follow the rules of the road that pertain to them in order to keep themselves from becoming victims of such a tragic event.

What Should Greenville, South Carolina, Drivers Do When a Pedestrian Auto Accident Occurs?

It should be a primary goal of every driver in Greenville, South Carolina, to avoid pedestrian auto accidents at all costs, and we will go into the basic tips on how to do this in a moment. However, it is not possible to prevent such accidents from ever happening, and we all need to know how to respond in case such a traumatic event should occur. Once a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, whether or not it could have been prevented is not relevant to what need to be done right away. The driver needs to stop their vehicle, exit the vehicle, approach the pedestrian, and assess the situation.

If the pedestrian is moving, coherent, or even on their feet, you should encourage him or her to sit down on the side of the road or in the seat of a vehicle while you call for emergency help. The pedestrian may be stunned, in shock, and unaware of the severity of their injuries. If the pedestrian is not moving, conscious, or coherent, then you need to call 911. Explain the situation to the operator, describe the condition of the pedestrian, and follow the operator’s instructions for providing first aid. While they guide you through what you need to do for the pedestrian, they will also be sending an ambulance and paramedics to provide the urgent medical care that the pedestrian needs.

The most important thing that you can do, as the driver in a pedestrian auto accident, is to stay as calm as possible and respond to the situation to the best of your ability. You may find it difficult to avoid panicking, but the pedestrian’s life could depend on your calm and helpful response. Avoid moving the pedestrian unless it is absolutely necessary, because doing so could cause further harm. Situations where it may be necessary to move the pedestrian include circumstances where he or she is near a vehicle that is on fire or is in the line of traffic and likely to be struck again. If the person is conscious, then it will be up to you to talk to them and try to keep them calm.

Do not worry about anything else at the scene of the accident until you are sure that the injured parties are safe and receiving the necessary medical attention. Once emergency medical help arrives, then you can start looking at the various other important details of your accident. This includes exchanging contact and insurance information with the pedestrian and any involved drivers and gathering evidence. You can write down your information, give it to the police, and/or give it to someone who may have been with the pedestrian at the time of the incident to ensure that the pedestrian and/or their family has your contact and insurance details when they need them. You can gather evidence at the scene by taking photographs of all involved vehicles, any visible injuries, and any road signals that may be relevant to how the accident occurred. You can also get the contact information of witnesses.

If you are the injured pedestrian, you will also need to contact your insurance company to let them know that an accident has occurred, because your automobile insurance in some instances applies to cover your injuries and damages. Before you go into too much detail with the insurance company, you will want to talk to a skilled Greenville, South Carolina, auto accident attorney like those at Bryan Ramey & Associates.

Prevent Greenville, South Carolina, Pedestrian Auto Accidents from Happening in the First Place

While it is essential to know what to do after a pedestrian auto accident in Greenville, South Carolina, it is even more important to know how to prevent them. Whether you are the driver or the pedestrian, there are many ways to ensure that you don’t end up in this situation. The number one tip to keep in mind is to never make assumptions. You may assume that because you have the right of way, the pedestrian (or the vehicle) will not enter your path. This is an unwise assumption.

You may be right that the other party should not move into traffic when you have the right of way, but knowing you were in the right will not make you feel any better if such an accident occurs by your mistake or the mistake of the other person. Rather, make eye contact with others on the road and be aware of what they are about to do. It is better to allow someone else to pass, even if it is not their turn, than to end up in an accident that could be life altering or fatal to one or more persons.

This is especially true when it comes to children, who may not fully understand the rules of the road or who may not even recognize the danger. If you are a parent, then you should teach your children about the rules that concern pedestrians and about looking both ways before crossing the street. As a driver, you should be extra cautious at intersections and in residential areas and school zones, always keeping in mind that it is not always possible to anticipate the behavior of a child pedestrian.

Were You Injured in a Greenville, South Carolina, Pedestrian Auto Accident?

If you or someone you love has been harmed in a Greenville, South Carolina, pedestrian auto accident, contact the dedicated Greenville, SC car crash attorneys at Bryan Ramey & Associates for a free consultation. Whatever damages or losses you’ve experienced, we are here to help you get the compensation that you need and deserve.