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Getting injured on the job can create expensive medical bills and put your career on hold or end your ending life as you know it. You need to know your rights. Victims of workplace accidents and illnesses do not pursue injury claims in the same way that other people do after they get hurt. The law provides special defenses for those injured workers, but you need to k now what your rights are.

A South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer can provide vital assistance in understanding your options and maximizing the reward and benefits you receive. Bryan Ramey is known for his voracity in fighting for injured workers. Give us a call to learn about the ways in which we can help you get monetary damages after a workplace accident or work-related illness affects your health or causes the death of a loved one. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys offer a free consultation, explain how we can help you and provide you with the answers to the important.

What are My Rights After a Workplace Injury?

Once you have a workplace injury you are eligible for benefits from a workers’ compensation claim. First, you will need to report your injuries to your employer as soon as possible to remain eligible for benefits. When you can show that the injury is work related your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company should provide you with the benefits you need and deserve as an employee.

Neglect is not a factor in workers’ compensation claims for benefits. You can still get benefits even if the fault is coming from you and not your employer. In several situations, you can get work-injury benefits if you made mistakes that lead to your injury. Workers’ compensation provides broad protection to injured workers to make sure bills are paid.

What Benefits and Compensation Can Injured Workers Receive?

Injured workers’ in South Carolina get benefits through workers’ compensation including:

  • Expenses paid from medical bills and treatment
  • Wage loss benefits
  • Partial disability benefits (permanently or temporarily) to make up for a reduction in your earning potential.
  • Total disability benefits (permanently or temporarily) if an injury or illness has prevented work.

In the unfortunate event of a death while on the job, surviving family members and dependents may receive death benefits.

Compensation is not available for pain and suffering through workers’ compensation and injured workers or the families of the workers can’t sue the employer after most injuries. However personal injury or wrongful death compensations including payment for lost companionship or payments for pain or emotional distress may be gained by having lawsuits filed against any third party non-employer(s). To be determined if you can make a case against any non-employers, a South Carolina lawyer can help lead you in the right direction.

How Can a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help?

The duties of a South Carolina workers’ comp lawyer can help you report your injuries, make a benefit claim with your employer, and fight any benefits that have been rejected on your behalf. If you are being forced back to work before your injuries have healed or if legitimate benefits are denied, an attorney can help your claim. Your lawyer will also help you determine if you can sue anyone else to recover broader compensation after a work injury.

We Work for the Injured Employees of Easley, South Carolina

In our understanding a workplace injury causes many concerns. No checks coming through but bills and other expenses piling up. You aren’t sure when you will be able to return to your job or if you will be able to do the same work ever again. On top of that you are worrying and hurting.

At Bryan Ramey & Associates, we want to help you get the need compensation you deserve for the suffering you have experienced. Our Easley attorneys work hard to get clients the benefits that are owed to them, even when the insurance company has turned them down more than one time. We present multiple types of injured workers, including construction workers, state employees, hospital employees, office, office professionals and others just to name a few.

Compensation for Injuries While at Work

Our lawyers are experienced and are extremely familiar with all types of on the job injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, back injuries, and surgeries, chemical burns, loss of limbs, falls and forklift injuries. Whether it be a construction site injury or fall in the office, we work to ensure that you collect all eligible benefits.

The insurance from your employer should cover temporary disability, medical expenses and any temporary or permanent disability relating to the accident or injury. This may include professional training to learn another trade.

If you have been denied benefits or suffered any repercussions at work for filing a workers’ compensation claim, turn to us for the expertise and professionalism you need to prevail in your claim today.

When you are wounded on the job, you have a right to file a workers’ compensation claim for medical expenses and lost wages, as well as damages for any permanent impairment. At Bryan Ramey & Associates, we are here to help you acquire the money and benefits you need.

Experienced In All Types of Work Comp Cases

Our experienced Easley workers’ compensation lawyers handle a full selection of on-the-job injury cases for many different types of employees. These cases may involve:

  • Painful slips on unsafe surfaces or falls due to unsafe conditions
  • Sickness and illness from exposure to any unsafe chemical agent or toxic materials, such as respiratory illness like mesothelioma
  • Damage done to one’s body due to repetitive motion, such as carpal tunnel

Talk to A Workplace Accident Lawyer for Free

Count on the South Carolina workers’ compensation lawyers of Bryan Ramey & Associates to handle your claim in a professional and compassionate way. Our firm offers free consultations, plus evening and weekend appointments by request. Call us today to schedule time with one of our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys in Easley, SC, to discuss your case and determine whether you have a claim for compensation.

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